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The Terminator Files


Activated: June 9th, 2003
Language: English
Programming: Vic van der Put
Mission parameters:
   Any- and everything Terminator related

"Discontent with Terminator info scattered on the web, we started making a portal that has it all! With over 17,000 files and almost 15 GB of data, we're getting there ;)"


Hope Of The Future


Activated: February 10th, 2001
Language: English
Programming: Maurice Huijs
Mission parameters:
   Deleted scenes and rarities

"Curious about the extra scenes from a BBC broadcast of T2, I started gathering info about them. The site has since been expanded with lots of deleted scenes info and other rarities!"




Activated: November 22nd, 2003
Language: Czech/Slovak
Programming: Tomas Vyskocil
Mission parameters:
   The homeworld for all Czech & Slovak Terminator fans

"No fate but what I made. Comprehensive site dedicated to the Terminator trilogy, with lots of info, photos and videoclips. Join us and prove that... The future is NOT set!"


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Contact TerminatorFiles

Activated: Unknown
Language: Unknown
Programming: Unknown
Mission parameters:
   Apply for this position!

"Wanna be part of this great TerminatorFans portal? Click top link to join and apply for this (and more) spots! We know you are out there... but you'll have to apply yourself!"


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